Signus workout, yoga and fitness pavilion

Catching eyes from a distance We don’t know what Corona rules will apply tomorrow. What we do know is that all those people inside need to stay healthy. Where better to do your workout together outside, at an appropriate distance. With the Signus One mc, you create maximum visibility for your gym, bootcamps or yoga […]

POP UP Brand Activation

Catching eyes from a distance In high footfall areas people tend to be in flux so you may need a branding piece that catches their eye from a distance. The sales team will be proactively approaching people to engage but a little stand out branded structure will make their greeting less surprising and increase your […]

Alterego gives stage to Bavaria 8.6

Bavaria 8.6 at Walls and Skin event

Bavaria 8.6 pavilion at Walls and Skin event The Hague based marketing and advertising agency Alterego gives stage to Bavaria 8.6 at Walls and Skin event. Alterego convincingly drew attention to the 8.6 brand by installing an imposing and inflatable Signus Branding pavilion measuring 6 by 6 meters in front of the Bavaria 8.6 container […]

A Signus story from Spain

LALO Pop-up Bar This might be a familiar story to some of you. The LALO pop-up bar was launched in 2016 and is still one of our favorite stories. The concept of the LALO pop-up bar was partly created because of the Signus ONE pavilion. As you know, the Signus ONE is installed in 10-15 […]