Bavaria 8.6 at Walls and Skin event

Alterego gives stage to Bavaria 8.6

Bavaria 8.6 pavilion at Walls and Skin event

The Hague based marketing and advertising agency Alterego gives stage to Bavaria 8.6 at Walls and Skin event.

Alterego convincingly drew attention to the 8.6 brand by installing an imposing and inflatable Signus Branding pavilion measuring 6 by 6 meters in front of the Bavaria 8.6 container bar. Under this pavilion, every visitor was able to enjoy his or her 8.6 beer, fresh from the tap, in peace and quiet, lounging on a beanbag. In the meantime you could see how the artworks of the different artists came to life.

The canvas of the tent prominently featured the logo of 8.6, the front view of a blue wolf with pay-off “Intense by Nature”.

The wolf symbolizes a mentality, there is a bit of 8.6 in all of us, 8.6 is about walking your own path in life, exploring boundaries. Seeing life as a long journey and adventure, a search for your own experiences. The wolf’s head was evident in the foreground due to the color contrast with the dark blue canvas of the tent.
Two days full of sun, sea and beach where graffiti and tattoo artists could show their artwork to curious passers-by on the boulevard.

A place where the Signus inflatable pavilion came into its own.