Frequently Asked Questions

Is there warranty on the SIGNUSmc?

The warranty is limited to a time period of 2 years after delivery.

Are there spare parts available?

Yes, the frame is composed out of 3 roof tubes and 3 leg tubes. New tubes can be ordered.

My SIGNUSmc is loosing air. What can I do?

The SIGNUSmc is build up out of 6 compartments. First check the valve of the leaking compartment carefully. Is it closed properly? If so, probably there is a leak in the tube caused by a small puncture. Zip out the defective compartment to start the repair according the instructions.

What is the size of the total package?

The total package fits in a trolley box which measures 105x50x50cm These size fits in all trunks of a regular car.

How long does it take to set up the SIGNUSmc?

The setup is very easy and takes only 10 minutes by only one person.

How do I set up the SIGNUSmc

Simply zip the panels into the frame. Spread out the pavilion on the location spot and pump up the 6 compartments.