Frequently Asked Questions

Who is SIGNUS?

Signus is a Dutch design company and manufacturer of high quality inflatable structures for events and marketing purposes.

What wind force can the pavilion withstand and is there a wind chart?

SIGNUSmc can withstand up to wind force 6 Bft . Please check our wind chart on our website and pay attention to the recommended loads for anchoring.

What is the size of the total package?

The total package fits in a trolley box which measures 105x50x50cm These size fits in all trunks of a regular car.

What is the SIGNUSmc ?

SIGNUSmc is a series of inflatable pavilions with extensive branding possibilities

There are 3 panels in one SIGNUSmc. Can we make different designs for each panel?

Yes, you can make a different designs for each panel in the pavilion

My SIGNUSmc is loosing air. What can I do?

The SIGNUSmc is build up out of 6 compartments. First check the valve of the leaking compartment carefully. Is it closed properly? If so, probably there is a leak in the tube caused by a small puncture. Zip out the defective compartment to start the repair according the instructions.

Is there warranty on the SIGNUSmc?

The warranty is limited to a time period of 2 years after delivery.

Is there a price difference between full colour and monocoloured printed panels?

There is no price difference between full colour and monocoloured printed panels.

Is there a fire certification on the SIGNUSmc?

Yes, both the inflatable frame and the branded cloths have fire certifications.

Is it possible to “close” the entire pavilion?

Yes, there are sidewalls available to close the openings.

In which sizes are the pavilions available?

SIGNUSmc has 3 sizes. There is a 4 meter, 5 meter and a 6 meter available.
These sizes revere to the internal diameter of the pavilions.

How long does it takes to get my branded SIGNUS.mc

After approval of the artwork we can deliver the SIGNUS mc within 2 to 4 weeks.

How long does it take to set up the SIGNUSmc?

The setup is very easy and takes only 10 minutes by only one person.

How do I set up the SIGNUSmc

Simply zip the panels into the frame. Spread out the pavilion on the location spot and pump up the 6 compartments.

Can I rent a SIGNUSmc?

Renting the inflatable frame in combination with purchasing the branded panels is negotiable.

Can I connect multiple SIGNUSmc pavilions?

Yes you can connect pavilions with the same size to create your own configurations

Are there spare parts available?

Yes, the frame is composed out of 3 roof tubes and 3 leg tubes. New tubes can be ordered.

Are all frames black of the SIGNUSmc?

Yes, black is our standard colour. Custom colours are available upon request.