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Inflatable Event Tent

SIGNUS ONE mc has a lot of extra features


The new option for connecting
the pavilions allows various
configurations of 2 or more
inflatable tents.

All new SIGNUS ONE mc frames have the option to zip in sidewalls. With 3 sidewalls, the pavilion can be closed completely.
Signus mc POP UP Brand Activation
Thanks to the modular construction, sections of the inflatable frame can be replaced in next to no time.
One-layer branding system
SIGNUS ONE mc is designed with a one-layer branding system. Our new cloth meets the toughest requirements. It is water repellent, fire retarding, and gives maximum exposure through the brightest colors.
Heavy-duty valve
Each SIGNUS ONE mc element is provided with a newly developed heavy-duty valve. Incredibly user-friendly and totally failsafe!


yet elegant

SIGNUS ONE mc Explainer