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Inflatable product designers, Experiential marketing products, promotional products, architectural tents and structures
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About Us

Inflatable marketing design

Aesthetic design for premium brands

The first design for Signus promotional tent was made by kite and inflatable engineer Roland Verheul. He was fascinated about inflatable promotional products, tents and exhibition stands. In his imagination inflatable tents should be way more aesthetic and outstanding.  He found a way to apply his ideas and techniques for inflatable design to create innovative promotional tents and pavilions for experiential marketing.


Experiential marketing design

SIGNUS Inflatables develops aesthetic inflatables for premium brands. Design is the key to powerful brand exposure.

Our company started in 2015 with the idea of the inflatable display pavilion Signus ONE. Our mission is to develop new and unique promotional products such as promotional tents, promotional display pavilions and all kinds of innovative marketing products. Our products open an endless range of possibilities for valuable brand exposure.

Signus development

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Roland verheul

Roland Verheul

Product Engineer
Remko van Buren

Remko van Buren

Creative Director
Mariska van der Velde

Mariska v.d. Velde

Ruud Peper

Ruud Peper

Finance and Control

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