A Signus story from Spain
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A Signus story from Spain

LALO Pop-up Bar

This might be a familiar story to some of you. The LALO pop-up bar was launched in 2016 and is still one of our favorite stories. The concept of the LALO pop-up bar was partly created because of the Signus ONE pavilion. As you know, the Signus ONE is installed in 10-15 minutes. This makes the pavilion perfect for pop-up concepts such as Pop-up bars, pop-up stores and experiential and guerrilla marketing.

LALO Pop-up bar is a Spanish company that offers all inclusive bar concepts for events and festivals. Watch video here


The text looks small and the position a bit low at first sight but in reality the text turns out much bigger and is perfecty located. LALO combined 3 different designs in one Signus pavilion. This design shows that there is a lot more to add to your design than just a logo and URL. Great job guys!

signus experiential pop-up bar