A Signus story from Iran
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A Signus story from Iran

Motjaba Paraglider

Our dearest client from Iran wanted to create a cool base camp where he and his team can hangout and get some shelter during their paraglide adventures. One of the reasons for him to choose for a Signus ONE pavilion was the customizable surface and unique shape that is very recognizable for the crowd and returning paragliders. At the same time the pavilion creates visibility for his brand and company. A very happy client with an awesome designed base camp. Watch video here

signus custom design


As you can see, the client used the space of the campaign zone perfectly. The text looks small at first sight but imagine that in reality the text is about 1 meter wide (3,3 ft). Also a fascinating detail is the combination of perspectives and depths. It shows that there is a lot more to add to your design than just a logo and URL. A lot to discover in this design, great job guys!

experiential marketing pavilion