Signus Inflatables | Signus ONE brand pavilion, promotional tent for experiential marketing
Signus ONE brand pavilion, promotional tent for experiential marketing
promotional tent, brand pavilion, experiential marketing, car display
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avanca promotional tent Signus ONE

Signus ONE;

Inflatable brand pavilion for experiential marketing

The revolutionary organic design of the Signus ONE brand pavilion guarantees exposure in a way that will make the difference. We rethought every part of the shape to create not only an outstanding eye catcher but also to create the biggest surface to advertise your brand. With 398 feet² (37 m²) printable surface the Signus ONE is the only inflatable promotional display tent of its kind.

Inflatable frame  signus-icon-pump

Available in black and cool grey

The inflatable frame is available in black and cool grey. Do you prefer a custom color? Get in touch with us for custom colors.

replaceable branding  

3 separate segments to brand

The Signus ONE is a sustainable promotional tent and can be used for all kind of marketing activities and multiple campaigns. How? Easy, just change the 3 printable segments. The segments and the frame are connected with the highest quality YKK zippers. The walls are easily changed in 5 minutes so you can design your branding each event differently.

signus design promotional tent


signus experiential marketing

Easy set up

The Signus pavilion is easily installed by one person in only 15 minutes. The frame is inflatable and can be inflated with a hand pump or electric pump.

View our set up video for more details.


The materials and techniques we use to develop our promotional products such as the Signus One brand pavilion are inspired by kite surfing products. The promotional products are made of high quality polyester sail material that is the same material applied to small sailboats and kite-surf sails.



From above, the promotional tent has a round shape and has three open sides. These characteristics distinguishes the Signus one from other promotional tents and is the Signus ONE an outstanding brand pavilion.

elevations signus pavilion

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