How to design an outstanding car display
How to create an impressive car display
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How to design an outstanding car display

How to design an outstanding car display

Are you a car dealer and looking for an outstanding way to present you new car models indoor and outdoor? This article might be something for you. Especially when you are looking for a branded display that can be changed in any brand or design whenever and wherever you desire.  Read this article to explore how to promote you new product.

signus display pavilion for mercedes benz

Inflatable brand pavilion

Signus has developed the promotional pavilion Signus ONE. Signus ONE is a car display that combines all aspects of exposure you desire: Eye-catching, outstanding, unique but most important of all; a lot of space to brand and design into your campaign or corporate branding.

Suitable for each event or presentation

Now what else is important if you would like to use your marketing equipment multiple times at multiple locations and events? Signus thought of a small light weighted package, easy to install and of course both outdoor and indoor proof. The pavilion has an inflatable frame and is available in 3 sizes.

car display experiential marketing bmw mini dealer

Same promotional display different branding

You don’t need a different Signus pavilion for each brand or product of your product line. You can use the frame of the pavilion and zip in any brand or campaign at any time and combine it with your own corporate branding. You can use the Signus display pavilion for multiple experiential marketing and live marketing events with various campaigns and brands. The inflatable frame and the branded segments are two separate parts that are connected with high quality YKK zippers. You have a BMW model launch today and a Mini cooper launch tomorrow? Zip in your branding in just 5 minutes.

Set-up in 15 minutes

To build a remarkable high-tech designed car display in 15 minutes without manpower and heavy tools is impossible, right? Not with Signus ONE. Certainly because it doesn’t need a constant air blower. Just inflate the frame with a heavy duty pump and start your marketing activity in 15 minutes. Don’t forget to anchor the inflatable first though.

Would you like to get a quote or free design render? Press button and start with designing your branded Signus pavilion.