4 reasons for inflatable experiential marketing
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4 reasons for inflatable experiential marketing

4 reasons for using inflatables for experiential marketing

2017 is in full swing and it’s time to think about your next move in marketing. This article is about one particular kind of marketing: Experiential marketing. Not any experiential marketing but a kind that involves high tech inflatable design.

If you have an outdated image about inflatables this is your chance to develop a new and more awesome experience with inflatables though. After reading this article you definitely are excited and maybe even a fan of inflatable design.

signus display pavilion for mercedes benz

1. Architecture, design and high-tech materials

Once upon a time there were a kite designer, product developer and architect who dared to combine their knowledge and insight about design, functionality and quality. They selected materials of outdoor products as kites and tents that are suitable to build a strong light weighted shape that is user-friendly and easy to move. One of the demands was that it should be a remarkable and unique shape that has the ability to stand out between more standard shapes that are used in experiential marketing and promotional event tents. At this point the Signus pavilion was born.

Signus inflatables pavilion draw
signus team

2. Interchangeable branding up to 37m2

Interchangeable branding? What does it mean? Well it means you can use the Signus promotional tent for multiple experiential marketing and live marketing events with various campaigns. How? Easy, just change the branded segments. The inflatable frame and the branded segments are two separate parts that are connected with high quality YKK zippers. You have a Christmas experiential marketing event today and a product launch tomorrow? Zip in your custom printed campaign cloths in 5 minutes

3. Pop-up marketing in 15 minutes

To build a remarkable high-tech designed pop-up stand in 15 minutes without manpower and heavy tools is impossible, right? Not if you use inflatables. Certainly if it doesn’t need a constant air blower. Just inflate the frame with a heavy duty pump and start your marketing activity in 15 minutes. Don’t forget to anchor the inflatable first though. It might feel like flying if the wind is right.

Signus trolley box

4. Lightweight small package

For the most part, inflatables contain air. Therefore even an object of 60m3 can easily be installed and moved by one person. And all what is left of it when it’s deflated can be stored in a trolley bag that fits in any trunk or small storage. This will save a lot of time and money for brands and companies who are used to hire staff and suppliers for these kind of marketing activities.

Now what are your thoughts about inflatables again? Something with high-tech, easy and awesomeness, right? So stat with designing your inflatable experiential event now!

Can’t get enough of inflatables? Watch this video 🙂