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Welcome to Signus Inflatables

We believe in the power of exposure. Our innovative marketing products guarantee visibility in a way that will make the difference. Design is the key to powerful experiential marketing and promotional events.  Signus Inflatables develops inflatable design structures with massive impact for marketing related events.

Inflatable pavilion

Signus ONE for experiential marketing

The Signus ONE is a special designed promotional inflatable pavilion. Not to compare with an inflatable tent though. The Signus ONE has three big open sides and is a true eye-catcher. With the full colour printed walls, the inflatable pavilion helps you to stand out at all kind of field marketing and experiential marketing events.  The Signus ONE inflatable tent is available in three sizes (4M, 5M or 6M).
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36 m2 to customize in your brand

interchangeable segments

Change the design in 5 minutes


only some air needed for set up (15 min)


Set up by one person, goes in trolley box

Unique design

experiential marketing eye-catcher

Awesome product

Just knowing by looking at it

signus logo

Inflatable product designers

About us

Signus designs and develops inflatable products and inflatable structures for promotional events and experiential marketing events. Innovation and design are the corner stones of our approach. Our company started in 2015 with the idea of the inflatable promotional pavilion Signus ONE. Our mission is to develop new and unique promotional products and architectural inflatable structures such as inflatable tents, inflatable pavilions and all kinds of innovative structures.
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